Kintala Club Heidelberg


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Kintala Club Training Grounds

Location  Warringal Parklands, near Plymouth St Heidelberg (12km north-east of Melbourne), Victoria

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The Kintala Club offers a range of training options based on the age and prior experience of your dog. 

Further details and contact information can be accessed via the links below:

  1. Kintala Puppy School - for puppies 8 to 14 weeks

  2. Gentle Modern School of Dog Training - individual training for older puppies or adult dogs

  3. Ideal Dogs of Australia Course - for young dogs who have trained at Kintala Puppy School or the Gentle Modern School of Training 

  4. Kintala Club Membership - ongoing training for dogs and handlers who have satisfactorily completed the Ideal Dogs of Australia Course and are invited for membership

  1. Note - Kintala has an Extreme Heat Policy -

  2. Class Training - if the forecast temperature at 6:00 pm the previous evening was 35° C or higher all class training will be cancelled.

  3. IDA Course - if the temperature at commencement (10:30 am) is 35° C or higher training will be cancelled.

  4. Puppy School - will go ahead as per schedule, as puppy classes are over by 9:40 am.