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  1. Gentle Dog Trainers Association

  2. The Gentle Dog Trainers Association Inc. is a government recognised training organisation.  Their site contains information on the Instructor Training Course (which is run most years), other association members, current association organised events and articles on dog training. 


  4. A free resource to enhance your relationship to your dog, this is a dog training blog by Katarina Behan.  


  6. Learn about clicker training from Karen Pryor at this site.



Do you want a dog that always comes when it is called, walks politely on the lead, doesn’t run off when you tell it to stay and is sociable to other dogs and people of all ages? In just 10 easy lessons, you will learn how to educate your dog for life in the twenty first century. You will also be able to undertake the various assessments through Australasia, the USA and UK.

RRP $25.00 - to order Click Here or purchase from the Kintala Club Room on a Saturday morning

DOG TRAINING: THE GENTLE MODERN METHOD (David Weston, co-author Ruth Weston)

Train your dog quickly and easily. Over 20 lessons are featured from the basics to the advanced exercises required for obedience trials. Suitable for puppies as young as 8 weeks of age as well as adult dogs. More than 80 photos illustrate the step by step instructions so the book can be used successfully by both beginners and advanced dog trainers. 

RRP $25.00 - to order Click Here or purchase from the Kintala Club Room on a Saturday morning


Do you have a dog that won’t come when it is called, chases cats, joggers or bikes, chews furniture, pulls madly on the lead or has any of the many problems which dogs develop in our society? If so - this book is for you. More than 120 photos illustrate how you can influence your dog to WANT to change its bad habits. This book also discusses wolf and dog behaviour and shows WHY dogs do some of the things we regard as problems.

RRP $25.00 - to order Click Here or purchase from the Kintala Club Room on a Saturday morning

KIDS AND DOGS (Ruth Weston and Dr Catriona Ross)

Another fantastic book from best selling author Ruth Weston this time joined by her daughter, Dr Catriona Ross who has a Ph.D. in psychology. Ruth and Catriona have combined their expertise in human and dog behavior to produce a book which will be of great assistance to any family who wants to get the most fun and pleasure from the relationship between their child and dog. An additional benefit is that you will also produce a friendly, well behaved and socialised dog.

The book covers topics such as - what types of dogs are suited to children, how you can teach and motivate both children and dogs to learn effectively and what responsibility children can take towards caring for their dog at various ages. One section describes how to introduce a new dog or baby into the household while others cover how to cope with the loss of a pet and how to avoid dog bites. There are 13 lessons that parents and children can teach their pet, including some critical exercises such as coming when called, staying quietly and walking nicely on the lead as well as fun activities such as jumping, fetching, shaking hands and rolling over. Over 100 photographs support the text and make it appealing to all family members. 

RRP $30.00 - to order Click Here or purchase from the Kintala Club Room on a Saturday morning