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The Kintala Club exists because of our members and their commitment to responsible dog ownership through ongoing socialisation and training. 

Members Responsibilities

The Kintala Club offers a unique environment where dogs can socialise freely with one another. As far as we know, no other club has the same benefits. We watch thousands of interactions between dogs and they are rarely confrontational. However, no environment is perfect!

The benefits have associated responsibilities for us all in that we must monitor and manage our own dog’s behavior.

For more information see Members Responsibilities.


The Kintala Club calendar details training and assessment days and other events. download Kintala calendar

Note - Kintala has an Extreme Heat Policy -

  1. Class Training - if the forecast temperature at 6:00 pm the previous evening was 35° C or higher all class training will be cancelled.

  2. IDA Course - if the temperature at commencement (10:30 am) is 35° C or higher training will be cancelled.

  3. Puppy School - will go ahead as per schedule, as puppy classes are over by 9:40 am.

Competition Day - May 2017

The first Kintala Club Competition Day for 2017 was be held on Saturday May 20. The weather was kind to us and a good day was had by all.

see placings from this years May competition

2017 Annual General Meeting

The Kintala Club 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 15 November at the Kintala Club rooms at 7:30 pm.  Part of the AGM is the election of Club Office Bearers, who form the committee of management at The Kintala Club. As a club member, you have an opportunity to participate by joining the committee, to nominate complete the Nomination Form, and hand it to the Secretary or Ground Secretary by the Saturday prior to the AGM.

2017 AGM Agenda - TBA

More documents that may be of interest to Kintala Club members