Gentle Modern School of Dog Training

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The Gentle Modern School of Dog Training offers individual training for you and your dog.  One on one training is critical for learning any new skill as there are minimal distractions and and it provides the best environment to focus.  It also allows us the opportunity to get to know your dog and respond to their individual needs. 

Our instructors are all experienced dog training instructors who are members of The Gentle Dog Trainers Association Inc. The school is a registered animal business under State Government legislation.

We offer:

  1. Individual training for handlers of puppies and adult dogs

  2. Advice about house training, jumping up, mouthing etc

  3. Assistance with minor behavior problems

  4. Help with creating a positive relationship between you and your dog

  5. Assistance in meeting the criteria for entry into the Ideal Dogs of Australia course and The Kintala Club - Heidelberg

How we run the school:

Your lessons will be held at the Kintala clubrooms in Plymouth Street Heidelberg and the surrounding grounds.  We offer a course of 3 lessons with additional lessons available if required.


The fee is $150 for three 45 minute lessons for a single dog. For multi-dog households, the fee is $200 for four lessons.  Single sessions can be booked for $55.

Bookings and further information:

Please phone Amanda on 0418-371-060 or leave a message on her machine.

Heidelberg Gentle Modern School of Dog Training Enquiries:

Phone  Amanda on 0418-371-060