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The Kintala Club is a not for profit organisation founded in 1976.  Click here for information on the club’s history and founder, David Weston.

Kintala Club instructors are volunteers who are educated and experienced in the Gentle Modern Method of Training™. 

Instructors are members of the Gentle Dog Trainers Association which was founded in 1997 and has state government recognition. This means instructors are accredited under the Domestic Animals Act.

The training method used by Kintala Club instructors is based on the science of conditioning behavior using positive reinforcement.  In its most basic form, you give your dog a valued item (usually raw meat) for the desired behavior. There are three important stages in the process of teaching your dog a new behavior:

First Stage: Teaching

The teaching phase is characterised by using food in your hand to lure your dog into the position you want. You then give up the food as soon as you get the behavior you need. At first you may also give the food halfway during a behavior to encourage your dog to continue trying. This phase is best done in a distraction free environment.

Second Stage: Proofing

Once the behavior is consistently occurring you can take the food lure away and reinforce the behavior after offering a hand and verbal signal. Hand and verbal signals need to be unique to each behavior. You can begin reinforcing better and better efforts of the desired behavior. You can work on the behavior in different environments, start with spaces that are easy for you and your dog. Work up to training the behavior in the environment you will mostly find yourself in. Most of the time should be spent in this phase.

Third Phase: Performing

This is where you use the behavior in the situation you intended it to be used. Little time should be spent in this phase, this is where your hard proofing is to be put to the test. For example, if your have been teaching and proofing heeling, this is where you can heel past that dead bird or spilled rubbish that your dog would otherwise eat or roll in. 

Find out more about our training method from the books by David and Ruth Weston.

Instructor course

If you would like to become an accredited instructor using the Gentle Modern Method of Training, visit the Gentle Dog Trainers Association site for information on the Instructor Training Course.